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Month: January 2011

#SocialChat Origins of Social Media with Alan K’necht

The inaugural session of #SocialChat was an interesting mix of the fun, thought provoking, and sometimes downright silliness.  Even so, when you get minds like these together, nuggets of gold will always be uncovered.  Enjoy the summary of the January 24th session of #SocialChat.

Guest: Alan K’necht – Founding Partner at Digital Always Media Inc., SEO/SEM & Web Analytics Consultant at K’nechtology Inc., Co-author of “The Last Original Idea: A Cynic’s View of Internet Marketing.”

Most active contributors: @SocialMichelleR @aknecht@pcmguy@aimclear@AlanBleiweiss.

Twitter and Social Media are really nothing new.  Actually, Social Media is just a technologically aided social gathering place.

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