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How Social Media Supports PR – #SocialChat No 205

Author and Public Relations consultant, J. Alexander Greenwood (@a_greenwood) shares his PR/Social experiences and expertise.

Q1 How has social media changed the Public Relations game in the last few years? #SocialChat

Q2 How can small businesses use social media to help build their credibility with the public and the news media? #SocialChat

Q3 What social channels can businesses use to demonstrate their industry expertise and become a resource for reporters? #SocialChat

Q4 How does social media aid in retaining the audience gained from a PR push? #SocialChat

Q5 What are the most effective ways you’ve used social media to cut through the noise and build a relationship with reporters? #SocialChat

Q6 How will social networks continue to grow as a media outlet in their own right? #SocialChat

For more on this topic, check out this article on the AGPR Blog –

3 Reasons Social Media Boosts Your Public Relations Efforts

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