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Integrated Content for Non-Profits – #SocialChat 262

This week marketing and communications consultant, Andreea Cojocariu (@AndreeaC_T) takes the #SocialChat hot seat to discuss content strategies for not-for-profit organizations.

Q1 @AndreeaC_T Let’s start w/ basics. What’s the biggest challenge for #nonprofit outreach efforts? #SocialChat
Q2 @AndreeaC_T From your experience, what type of content works best? #nonprofit #SocialChat
Q3 @AndreeaC_T Current status of #nonprofits– does content get integrated across channels? #SocialChat
Q4 @AndreeaC_T What can #nonprofits do to increase messaging effectiveness? #SocialChat
Q5 @AndreeaC_T What are some examples of how #nonprofits use an integrated content strategy successfully? #SocialChat
Q6 @AndreeaC_T What are your final tips on creating great, actionable content for #nonprofits #SocialChat
Feel free to follow along with the conversation here or log into your favorite way to follow the live #SocialChat action on Twitter at 9 PM Eastern Monday June 27

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