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Snapcodes & Messenger Codes #SocialChat 256

This week the 4 #SocialChat co-hosts have a beef with all these cross-pollinated codes. Do we love sharing cross-channel communication? YES!!!! But…. we are spotting some poor practices that we feel compelled to call out.

Q1 First of all, what are these snapcodes and messenger codes? #SocialChat

Q2 How are snapcodes and messenger codes being misused across other social channels? #SocialChat

Q3 What branding opportunities are given up when you use a code as a social profile image? #SocialChat

Q4 How do you decide when to use the code, the URL/username text, or both? #SocialChat

Q5 What is your goal for pulling people from one channel to another & strategy to deliver? Expand, divert, or… #SocialChat

Q6 How are you testing (before deployment) and measuring effectiveness (after)? #SocialChat

Tonight’s chat is 100% Twitter. Be sure to use the hashtag #SocialChat to participate in the conversation.

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