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Using Social To Manage & Promote Big Events SocialChat N° 151

Akvile Harlow Ont Twitter

February 24, 2014  #SocialChat N° 151: Akvile Harlow @AkvileHarlow The Digital Marketing Manager for SMX was our featured guest tonight as we explored how “To Use Social to Promote and Manage Large Events”. Akvile brought her experience with managing and promoting various SMX conference across the USA as she answered our six questions and interacted with all participants. You can read the full transcript to see how Akvile with 97 tweets plus engaged with 54 unique participants generated a total of 768 tweets in 1 hour by answering and commenting on these 6 questions:

Q1 What role does Social play in the early stages of event organizing?
Q2 What impact does Social Media have with hashtags, videos, & social registrations on event promotion?
Q3 How does Social enhance the live experience during an event?
Q4 What tips do you have for building a social media team to support a large event?
Q5 Of Twitter, FB, LI… which are best for quick communication & which are best for building long term connections?
Q6 When it comes to support tools, what features should we consider & do you have a few favorites?

A transcript of all their tweeted responses are available as: HashTracking

Watch our #SocialChat Video Recap As well



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  1. It was such a pleasure guest hosting #SocialChat with you two and everyone who joined in on the conversation this week! Thank you so much for having me! Alan and Michelle, you had some really great questions lined up. I hope that the others who joined the chat found them interesting and useful for their own marketing efforts. For the last question, I forgot to mention some other great tools that I do use from time to time if anyone is looking for some new ones to try out. Highly recommend TweetBinder, SproutSocial, Tweriod,, and LikeAlyzer for Facebook is really neat! Most of those are free. 🙂

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