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The Good, Bad & Ugly of Social Media Conferences – June 3, 2013 Open Mic

Open Mic: Measuring Social Media & ROI

June 3, 2013 marked the 115th #SocialChat. This night we gathered for another open mic event to discuss Social Media Conferences. We dove deep with our audience to find out what they like and don’t like when it comes Social Media conferences. What they had to say might come to a surprise to you or maybe not. Either way, some great insight into which conferences they liked and didn’t like to help you make the right choice for yourself and a ton of great information for anyone organizing a social media event.

In total the chat generated 529 tweets by 58 unique contributors as they responded to the following 6 questions:

Q1 What was the best Social Media conference you ever attended & why?

Q2 Which upcoming Social Media conference are you looking forward to or wish you could attend?

Q3 Which do you prefer a platform specific event or an all encompassing event ?

Q4 Are there any specific speakers that you’d want to hear again? If so why?

Q5 Do you check out the speakers & their background before deciding on an event?

Q6 Are solo sessions or panels the best way to present social media in a session?

A transcript of all their tweeted responses are available as:


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