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Psychology of Social Sharing – #SocialChat 231

Wild man Douglas Karr (@douglaskarr) joins us to talk about the importance of Tweet counts on social sharing buttons and much more as we dig into the psych of what gets people to share content.

Q1 @douglaskarr How is the new Twitter sharing button different than the button we have become accustomed to all over the web? #SocialChat

Q2 @douglaskarr How does this change affect developers that provide social sharing tools? #SocialChat

Q3 @douglaskarr How does the lack of a Tweet count affect content creators? #SocialChat

Q4 @douglaskarr Are content consumers more likely to share via another network that shows a share count? Why? #SocialChat

Q5 @douglaskarr How does this change affect the value of Tweets in search? #SocialChat

Q6 @douglaskarr What should marketers/brands do to encourage social sharing of content? #SocialChat

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  1. Enjoyed sharing in #socialchat tonight. Now we have an idea of how this goes, hope to drop in again next week. Thanks for hosting. #mimsPR

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